Terms of Use ENG

When you download VAI or use their image, you are agreeing to use their voicebank and image according to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, and you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you cannot not use VAI's voicebank or image.


Terms and Conditions can be changed without notice, and when done so you are required to agree with its terms.


Studio Ami is not responsible for any losses or damages when using VAI's voicebanks or character.Use VAI at your own risk.


Do not claim the VAI character or voicebank as your own.


Public redistribution of VAI is forbidden. If a user wishes to share VAI's voicebanks with others. Users are urged redirect others to VAI's official distribution site. Directly and privately sending voicebanks from one user to another is acceptable.


Distribution of modified voicebanks requires permission.

Do not use VAI for propaganda or to push a political agenda.

The illustrators and designers of the character VAI are Sockie, Teria, RennAztur on VOCALOID AMINO. Users shall not impersonate them or plagiarize their art.


The voice actor for the voicebank is Pomikko. User’s shall not impersonate them.


Commercial use of the Voicebank/Character

VAI's voicebank and character may be used commercially under an independent producer or artist.

If VAI's voicebank and character are to be used commercially, please contact us for inquires. Until we are contacted about gaining a commercial license on VAI’s character and voicebank, we  do not give permission of the character or the voicebank to be used commercially.

VAI’s voicebank and image shall not be sold commercially by 3rd person/party. 

By using VAI for personal or commercial use you allow Studio Ami to use your copyrighted VAI related material for non-commercial use. 

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