Who is VAI?

      VAI is the UTAU mascot for the social networking app known as Vocaloid Amino.


We had theorized a simple mascot to represent us as a community. Once that was put into place, all kinds of people contributed concepts and ideas. The production team, Studio Ami, gathered the most well received ideas and set up polls.


Hundreds of people voted and and contributed to the creation of VAI! They were entirely conjured by the great minds of Vocaloid Amino and represents who we are as a community.



VAI Winter Design Contest

The VAI Winter Design Contest is finished, and our finalist has been announced! See the full post on Vocaloid Amino.

VA Song Contest

The Vocaloid Amino Song Contest has officially ended! Voting is in session and official winners will be announced in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who joined!


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